Free Activities for Rainy Day Montreal

Photo from Flickr user A.M. Kuchling
The weather over these past few weeks have been erratic here in Montreal. I love to spend my free time on a nice day walking about, lazing on the grass, and playing in the park. However, when the weather's iffy, it's another story. I wrote recently about watching less TV, but on those days curling up with a movie is tempting. Staying in and cooking, reading, or doing something else fun is definitely an option.

Still, if you want to get out of of the house, but not out in the rain. There are some free to cheap activities to check out. 

Museum of Fine Arts
This museum is now in a few pretty buildings and has a sculpture garden you might want to imagine being in if it's raining.

Photo from Flickr user tie78reu 
They have temporary exhibitions which you can see for a fee, but they have so much that is free. Classics to modern and contemporary, decorative arts, ancient arts, tours, workshops...
It's a fun place and I think the new decorative arts section is my favourite.  

This is really a great museum despite their puzzling stairs in the main building (so short and akward, why?). You will probably need a few afternoons to see it all.

Check out their website for their hours and info, and their calendar of activities here.

Located on the McGill campus, this museum is pretty neat. You can definitely go through it in an afternoon, but take your time. I find this museum particularly meditative. Bones from millions of years ago (see above), mummies, all sorts of natural history. What?  You can go through and admire, but they also have screenings, lectures, and tours.
Check out their website for more info.

Westmount Greenhouse
My boyfriend first introduced me to this lovely, plant-filled paradise a few years ago. I don't know how he found out about it, but I'm glad he did. 

Simply, it's a beautiful greenhouse with all sorts of plants, a few fountains and sitting areas, and a nice smell. I highly recommend this as a pick me up for any cold day.

On the weekends, you're likely to find newlyweds from the nearby churches taking photos in here, but there's plenty of space for all.

Public Libraries
If you don't feel like going downtown, check out the libraries in your area.(The greenhouse, by the way, also happens to be attached to The Westmount Library)

If you don't mind the trek though, definitely check out The Banq.
When I first saw this library, I was in awe. It's basically the main library and archives of Quebec, so there is a lot of stuff here. So many books, videos, CDs, and much more. 

There's also an exhibition space within the library, one in the hallway to the library, and another on the floor below which is worth checking out.

Photo from Flickr user Philippe Du Berger
These are our staples, but there are so many other things to do out in Montreal when it rains. Everything from window shopping in that ginormous maze of malls downtown to heading to your gym *nudge nudge, to checking out some free to cheap art, to getting on those galoshes out  and splashing around.

Whatever you do, enjoy it.

Live well, Charlotte

Have you got some suggestions for free activities on a rainy Montreal day? Share it below, cause that's nice! :-)


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