It's been a long time since I've posted. It's been a long time since I've shown work.

Wellness is a lot of things. What it means for me and how I cultivate it evolves all the time. 

I started this blog while training to be a fitness instructor and personal trainer back in 2011 and kept going through 2013. I taught for a time in Montreal and in Hamilton. So much has changed since that time! While teaching fitness isn't part of my life now, I'm still learning about wellness every day and sharing some of that here.

I'm learning about wellness every day and sharing some of that here.

And sharing can be scary. 

several different paintings layed out on the floor

I signed up to show some work at my local cafe (Cafe 92) over a year ago. My goals and intentions have oscillated so much between then and now. 

This is the poem I send a friend a week ago on how I was feeling. (She sent me a haiku, so)
A little over a week
The show begins
I look at pieces old and new
And materials I have and don't
Prep? Protect? Create?
I try to remember the purpose
Make a buck? Make a connection? Make a name? Spread some joy? Spread a message? Show myself? Show my teenage self some thing? Show I still can? 
Every surface covered in indecision.

Friday night, I'm still deciding what to show and sharing that and setting up places to share that.

some paintings layed out on the floor

"Some of the stuff I've mostly narrowed down! I'll be showing some work at the wonderful local Cafe 92. 
It's been a very long time since I've shown art in public 😬 
Setup is tomorrow. I think I'm going with a combination of surrealist stuff teenage Charlotte would be happy is on a wall, patterny pieces from a few years ago, some recent stuff, misc. and maybe small paper affirmations.🤷🏽‍♀️ 
Still nervous. Still narrowing. Still reminding myself that this doesn't have to (and will certainly not) be perfect ❤️"

And that's what it is. Sharing can be scary, just like just about everything else that brings about growth. I'm up for the challenge. 


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