Too Much TV? A List Of Alternatives.

Don't grab the remote, grab your partner, running shoes, or guitar.

If you weren't watching TV last night, what did you do? If you were, was there something else you wish you'd done? 

I love a good episode of Star Trek (who doesn't?), but I also find myself watching stuff just for the sake of watching something. So, I made a list of why I watch that screen and other things to do instead.

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Why? If you read my Fantastic Friday 30-day challenge, you know that half of my challenge is to listen or get out of the conversation. With that in mind, I'm trying to ask myself if I really do want to sit down to watch the tube and if I'm really listening to what's on it. So I made myself a handy-dandy list of things to do besides watch TV.

As with all behaviours you want to change, I think some questions for improvement are a good start. They are: 

Why, oh why do I do x? 

What, oh what can I do about it?

These are my reasons and ones I think are probably pretty common. If you have more reasons, add a list of your own alternatives. 

Why I watch TV- Reason #1: I don't want to leave the house

Used when: It's cold/rainy/dark/yucky outside, I'm a little sleepy, leaving will take energy, and I've got stuff I've got to do later, or it's late already. 
Some other things that might be better to do:
  • Talk.
  • Tell stories.
  • Make music.
  • Make Romance. (A few free-to cheap indoor date ideas)
  • Have a massage exchange.
  • Play a game.
  • Invite people over for potluck, games, discussions, etc.
  • Dance.
  • Write (maybe start a gratitude journal).
  • Read, just for the pleasure of it.
  • Draw, paint, do arts and crafts.
  • Work on a project you've always wanted to do.
  • Call or write to a friend.
  • Stretch/ do yoga/ exercise.
  • Cook or bake; fun alone or with friends and family.
  • Find your to-do list and work on it (organize your space, plan a vacation, organize your portfolio, whatever you've got to do)
  • Learn something, be amazed.


Reason#2: I don't want to spend much money

Used when: I'm feeling broke/cheap.
Some other things that might be better to do:

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Reason #3: I just want to relax.

I use this when: I'm procrastinating, can't stop thinking, am stressed out, pissed off, or otherwise in a foul mood. 
Some other things that might be better to do:
  • Any from the above lists, probably the ones with the least effort involved.
  • Do the thing I am avoiding and get it over with.
  • Think- set a timer for dealing with an issue or write it down for later (try out a worry box to forget your troubles).
  • Meditate.
  • Take a bath.
  • Walk it off. 
  • Read something diverting.
  • More massage exchanges, romance, talking, incense smelling- whatever relaxes you.

Blue Flower

    Reason #4: I just don't feel like moving/thinking/doing anything at all

    Used when: I'm probably really tired. I should just Sleep. Even just a little nap.

      There are a lot of other great suggestions that you can gear towards your interests and remember the things you really want to do. Check out some of other ideas here, here, or here and think of your own; there is so much in the world. For me, sometimes watching TV is something I really want to do, and that's fine. The key is to remember the other options and to stay present as I make my choices.

      What are you doing instead of watching TV? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear it and, remember to share, subscribe to the blog, or connect with me on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.

      Live well, 


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