Appreciate Your Beauty. A Fantastic Friday Challenge.

Happy Fantastic Friday!

You are beautiful.  
You made it through, you owned that month. Congrats. Now, onwards and upwards.

With bikini season coming up there's so much sh*t. Lose weight, tone your butt, bring out your bust. That said, take a look at yourself and find something you like. Most of us have something we would like to work on, but it's also important to see our beauty, inside and out.

It's ok to say, "Damn my a$$ is nice", "Wow, when I smile my eyes light up so nicely", "Man- I am great at public speaking", or "Gee, I'm a nice person." It's totally cool. In fact, I think it's wonderful for you to recognize your beauty.

The 30-Day Challenge
Every time you see yourself in the mirror, find something nice to think about your exterior or interior. Maybe it's too much to ask for everytime you pass a reflective surface, but at least when you catch yourself thinking something negative. Replace that thought with positivity.

You are beautiful. Accept it. 

Live well, Charlotte 


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