Get Lucky. Eat Your Veggies!

Remember Popeye gulping down a can of spinach and suddenly growing strong, full of power and bulging muscles? While the results of eating spinach probably won't be so dramatic for you, spinach is lucky. It will help you fulfill that 5-10 a day fruit and vegetable recommendation and, like other vegetables, it's chock full of healthy things. In honour of St. Patrick's Day, I'm going green. Here are few ways to make your meals that colour too- some sneaky and a less covert simple salad recipe.
Vegetables are lucky, sneak 'em in!

First, the sneaky bit. How-to add those vegetables!

I write myself a handy list of ways to add more fruits and veggies to my life. Just because I've decided to have a simple or ready-made meal doesn't mean I have to neglect my veggies. I generally do these things with spinach, but most of these suggestions work with other vegetables as well. Be adventurous. Simply:
  • Add it on top of pizza ordered or to be cooked.
  • Cook it in scrambled eggs.
  • Add it to soups.
  • Grind into purees to add to smooth soups or sauces.
  • Add it in with rice or other grains.
  • Mix it up with noodles.
  • Mashed potatoes love extra veggies.
  • Grind it into your smoothie.
  • Stick it in your sandwiches.
  • Mix extra veggies into quiches, casseroles, and pot pies.
There really isn't a reason why a meal has to go veggie-less. There are lots of options

Now, a less covert one -*Gasp*- a salad recipe!

Veggies and I only get along in very limited forms. I've got a few cooking posts dedicated to sneaking veggies in acceptable forms into my diet as well as the ways above. Now, I'm happy to add this quick, healthy, and easy salad to my list of veggie dishes I'll eat. Woo-hoo progress!

I like it because it's got a good combo of tastes and textures and it helps me maintain my healthy eating goals. It's also got iron, protein, and lots of other great stuff for you to love. Here it is. Enjoy!

Cranberry-Spinach Salad
  • Baby spinach- a good amount for a base
  • Boiled egg-(directions here) 1 per serving
  • White button mushrooms- all parts, ripped up. I used 2 per serving
  • Dried cranberries- about 12 per serving, this adds a little sweetness, so vary the amount according to taste
  • A little lemon juice and pepper 
Yummy Salad!

Mix it all up.  I like to let mine sit for a few hours which makes it convenient to make ahead for company or in the morning (when I'm rushing) to sit in a work fridge till lunch.

BTW, I made it again with dried apricot (delicious!) and without the egg, I could add leftovers to scrambled eggs in the morning. Yummy!

What's your favourite simple salad or way to sneak in your veggies? Leave a comment; sharing is very nice. That said, if you like what you read, don't forget to pass it on, subscribe, or connect me on  Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.

Eat well, Charlotte


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