10 Free Ways To Love Your Day.

Recently, I wrote about appreciating yourself, very nice, but what if you're not feeling so hot today? If your day isn't going quite how you hoped it would and you're feeling a little blue, I've got a handy-dandy list of easy things that can help you create a better mood for your awesomeness. Bonus: They're all free and they're all pretty easy!

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1. Drink WATER. 
Seriously. Headaches from dehydration are no fun, and just enjoying the pleasure of that cool, clear drink is so nice. Healthy, free, delicious, life-sustaining, this is one pretty awesome beverage. Grab yourself a tall glass and savour. If you need a little extra help appreciating this, exercise first for added impact. Which brings me to my next suggestion...

2. Move your body-

Research shows that exercises improves your mood and can even help with symptoms of anxiety and depression. It's a fact, so take a walk, run, bike, swim, jump, whatever you like-just move your body. Even a little bit of exercise for a little bit of time can boost your mood, so do amounts and intensities that work for you. Bonus tip: If you're stuck on the inside, there are still lots of simple ways to get moving. My favourite: enjoy yourself a little dance - so easy, so free, so fun.

3. Take a deep breath- Just give yourself a second to breathe and really enjoy that feeling. REALLY. You might find that this slows you down, which can definitely help with the calm. This is a common  relaxation technique which reduces stress and may in turn provide other benefits.Check out the Havard Health Publications for a nice articles with some deep breathing techniques.

4. Be Silly- Dance around, make funny faces, tell jokes, draw ridiculous pictures, listen to music that makes you laugh. Give yourself the permission to not be so serious and indulge your funny bone. 

Me, Carolyn, and Leesha enjoying a bouncy castle-too fun!

5. Smile- Does smiling actually improve your mood? Research suggest that it just might. If you're feeling a little blah, why not give yourself a smile in the mirror and see what happens. This research also suggests that you really should...

6. Express yourself. If you let negative feelings fester, they'll still be there and you may "see the world in a more negative light". If you're worried, writing about it might be the right thing to get it out. Try out a worry box, or telling that person who did you wrong how you feel, even an making an art piece can be a good outlet for emotions or just creativity to brighten your day. 

7. Do something for others:  Studies show that if you're good to others, it's good for you. So help a kid with homework, volunteer at a food bank, open a door for someone, be nice. :-) Of course, make sure it's something you actually want to do. If you do your friend's taxes and you hate math and it stresses you out, it might not have the desired effect.

8. Go on an adventure- If boredom is creeping in or you just need a change of pace, there are so many ways to stir it up. Check out a museum, go to a greenhouse, an art show, or any other new space, just get outside of your surroundings and explore. Of course, this doesn't just have to be physical: read a book, explore a website on a topic you find interesting, check out a new musical style, even pick up a national geographic, just let yourself experience something new.

9. Daydream- Think of something you love and just let your mind wander. Give yourself the permission to imagine the absolutely excellent and amazing. Isn't that a wonderful thing to be able to do? 

10. Sleep- Give control of those dreams away. Being tired can greatly affect your mood, I know it affects mine. So, if you find you're sleepy and cranky, indulge yourself in a nap; you'll thank yourself later. Psychology Today has a nice how-to guide for napping- check it out! 

These are tips that I love and they will brighten a yucky day. However, if you find yourself struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety, it's a good idea to talk to someone who is trained to help. There are many resources available online and, if you or someone you know may be dealing with this or you need information about mental health issues, they can be useful.

The Canadian Mental Health Association is a great place to start, here are just a few of their resources:

Hope this helps to turn a frown upside down. Have you got any tips for brightening a rainy day? Leave a comment,(see number 7). Also, if you like what you read, don't forget to share, subscribe, or connect with me on TwitterPinterest, or Facebook.

Live well, Charlotte


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