Free to Cheap Healthy Date Ideas- Winter Edition

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Dates can be hard on your wallet and not always the greatest for your health. Drinking, dining out, watching a movie are some of the staples, but they aren't the best or only options when it comes to romance. In my opinion, a date is about spending quality time together, getting to explore great things about yourself and each other, and having fun. It needn't break the bank or your health goals.

With Valentine's Day coming up and winter still around for us Canadians,  I'm going to offer a few simple suggestions for free to cheap and healthy dates that stay inside.

Fave Suggestion #1- Dancing- You can do this out and about or in your living room. You can try a new style through online lessons, check out new tunes with other people's playlists, or show each other your favourite tunes and dance! If you're in the mood to travel, head to a free party or intro to dance class. Here, in Montreal, Cats Corner (swing dancing) has a free lesson every Friday when you pay for their dance, Studio 649 offers free lessons in salsa and samba. There are so many more if you check around and...

There are other classes to try out! A lot of places offer free trial classes for everything from Tango to Karate to Yoga. If you can find it, this could be a great chance to try out a new activity, get fit, and bring out sides of yourself you might not have explored. There likely won't be a lot of chance to talk, so keep this as a date for someone you know and pair it with another activity that will allow for a little more gab. Some dance classes will have you constantly changing partners, so make sure you're comfortable with this before heading out.
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Fave Suggestion #2- Cook Together-Not only will you then have a delicious meal to share, but cooking together is an awesome way to bond and to accomplish something as a couple. Triple wammy!  Also, maybe it's just the people I know, but they think that someone who can cook, even a little, is pretty awesome. You definitely don't have to be a *insert name of famous chef here* to rock. I'm gathering a collection of simple recipes on this site, check it out for some inspiration.

Fave Suggestion #3- Make music- If you play an instrument, have a little jam session. Just find some songs online or in a book from the library you like and go for it. 
If you don't play and you're singing won't get you in Carnegie Hall, but you love it, try some Kareoke. You can go out if you want to brave the winter, or look for your favourite songs with lyrics on Youtube and sing along or find the Kareoke versions. The point  of both the jam and the sing-along is not to sound like a rock star, but to have fun. 

(BTW, the first time my boyfriend came to visit my Mom and sisters, we all sang and danced to Queen. Wonderful ice breaker. I recommend inserting this into any situation where it seems awesome!)

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

These are just a few suggestions, but there are so many possibilities. For more suggestions on what to do or give this Valentines Day, check out this cheap montreal art post, there are also a few suggestions in my free-to-cheap winter physical activity guide, post on healthy gifts, and on rethinking the whole gift-giving thing. Hope you enjoy.

Got any awesome free-to-cheap date dreams, ideas, or stories? Leave a comment, cause sharing is lovely. And, as always, if you like what you read, don't forget to share, subscribe, or connect with me on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.

Live and love well, Charlotte


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