You are awesome - A Fantastic Friday Assignment

Happy Fantastic Friday!

I propose that instead of just  new Year's celebrations, traditions, and resolutions, we should break it up over the year; make it every month.
I figure it wouldn't contain quite as much pressure as those yearly markers, after all, it's a month- no biggy.  

Every month we could look back at some of the great things we did, adjust our goals, and feel good about just getting through. It might be a nice time to reflect, maybe pick up a new 30 day challenge or reevaluate our strategies for long-term goals. Maybe even have a party or some other funness. Anyway, thus launches Fantastic Fridays- a time to remember just how awesome you are before embarking on continued awesomeness.

It'll be the last Friday of the month which means for many the weekend is coming. Maybe there's a little time there for a reward and reflection.You made it through another month (and week for that matter) and you deserve that. Even if (like me)  your week doesn't always work like that, it's nice to be reminded and you can always find time to contemplate your coolness at a more convenient time. 

This Fantastic Friday your assignment is to:
Keep in mind- You. Are. Awesome.
You did your thing, you probably got some things done, learned something, helped someone, worked hard, maybe had fun. Whatever you did, you tried your best. You kept on keeping on.  I propose simply that you reward yourself for your accomplishments, maybe a beautiful bath, or dinner, or time for yourself-something. And I propose you spread the word. Other people are awesome too- thank them for something. 

That's it, sweet and simple. Hope you enjoy. 

Do you have any simple rewards you treat yourself to? Leave a comment, sharing is awesome. As always, if you like what you read, don't forget to share, subscribe, or follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.

Live well, Charlotte


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