Westhaven Ladies Dance Party on the 21st!

Dance Party! Dance Party!

Ladies come get your Groove on!

Westhaven Community Centre, 7405 Harley N.D.G
January 21st, 2013 6:30-7:30
Call 514-872-6134 for more info.

So loving this. Not only is my still ongoing 30(+) day challenge of dancing everyday helping me keep healthy, but sometimes, when I'm dancing I'm at work. Yes!

Job that's just living- I'm looking at you from across the valley, ya!

OK so you know I think that dancing is great and you may also know that now I'm facilitating awesome Groove classes, but maybe you didn't know that we're having a free women's dance-party on the 21st of this month at Westhaven Community Centre in NDG. 

This is your chance to come check out Groove or just come have fun shaking your butt again.

Hope you can make it, ladies!

Dancing is a great way to stay in shape, for more healthy tips and ideas, don't forget to share, subscribe, or follow me on Twitter or Pinterest and Facebook.

Live well,  Charlotte


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