Excellence is a habit

Happy New Year! 

You're already full of awesomeness, but, if you find yourself already fretting over your New Year's resolutions this year, you may need to re-frame them. Your goals have to be sustainable to be attainable. 

Excellence is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

The journey towards excellence is made of habits you can maintain. These might involve baby steps or drastic changes, but they have to be right for you; something you can keep doing. Excellence and healthy lifestyles are not an act, but a habit. Find something that fits with you and you can go far!

Here are a few posts to help set SMART goals, maintain them, and assessing them. Hope they're helpful.

Do you have any particular goals for the new year? Some successes? Things you've learned? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear it. And- if you like what you read, don't forget to share, subscribe, or follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.

Live well and have a wonderful year, Charlotte


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