Tamarind Granita- A Simple, Sweet, and Sour Summer Dessert

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So, over the last several weeks, I've been really keen on the idea of making an ice cream maker. I've bought several different containers, in several different materials, and tried several different methods. I've yet to have great success. The bag method is said to work quite well and I can, a little disappointedly, use that in a pinch. Until I can figure out exactly how to make my miraculous machine for somewhat less fattening versions of sorbets and frozen yogurts, there's another refreshing, relatively healthy dessert I can rely on- Granita.

This dessert is so good, refreshing, versatile, cheap, and simple. All it requires are the ingredients, a shallow pan, a freezer, and a fork. I highly recommend my delicious recipe.

Tamarind Granita

So far, this is my favourite type of granita. I love the freshly sour and sweet taste of tamarind and the pulp and extract are inexpensive. It is made very simply.
  • Place about 3 teaspoons of *tamarind extract in a pot with 4 cups of water and 1 cup (or less) of sugar. Cook this on low until it dissolves. * I used Tamicon, which I got for under 2$ at a middle eastern store near me.
  • Let it cool
  • Freeze this is a shallow container or pan.
  • Scrape the surface and eat.
  • What you freeze is pretty much what you get, so adjust the amounts accordingly.
Photo by Forest and Kim
If you don't have tamarind extract, you can use pulp
  • Get Tamarind pulp - (pretty inexpensive, I have found it at Indian, Caribbean, and general stores for under 2$)
  • Place it in heat-proof container
  • Add boiling water at 4 parts water to 1 part Tamarind
  • Put it in the fridge overnight to cool and steep.
  • Strain (In the link I provided above, they are using the pulp for their dish, so consider using the solid as well as the liquid)
  • Freeze as above

If this tropical fruit doesn't suit your fancy, don't worry. There are a million granita recipes online (I'll also post a table for experimenting with your own granita recipes in the near future). I hope you enjoy and feel free to share your favourite flavours or comments on the recipe. 

Eat (and live) well,

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