Follow that Process!

Since it's the new year, I began a series on setting and achieving goals. My first post was about recognizing your achievements before reaching further beyond yourself. Once you've done that and have some new goals in mind, you're going to need a process.

In trying to achieve any goal, be it writing a research paper, running a 5k, or building a dog house, there are going to be steps involved. There's going to be a point A and, down the line, a point Z at that finish line. The problem is that the path is not always as obvious as the alphabet. In fact, (at least for me) determining the steps can often be the most difficult barrier to reaching the goal.  

Photo by dbaron
My tip for today- don't reinvent the wheel. Ask people who've done what you want to or look on ehow, youtube, and other sites. If you can find the process, copy it, or adapt it to suite your style and specific needs, get a personal trainer/teacher for one session (its worth the investment). The longest journey begins with a single step and a map will help you avoid walking around in circles. :-)

Where do you go to find your information when you want to achieve a goal? Have a favourite how-to resource? Drop a comment and, if you like what you read, be sure to subscribe- Up next, more on goal setting and some recipes for eating more veggies.


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