Eat more Veggies! Potatoes are yummy!

In my alternate role as Grocery Girl, I spotted some nicely priced potatoes sold by the pound. Since one of the goals I've put forward is to work on the nutrition for my vegetarian lifestyle, I want to get at least 7-8 fruits and veggies everyday. Potatoes count so here's some ways I'll fit them.

Photo by Nisha A
Potatoes are pretty awesome. They're versatile, they're cheap, and they contain fiber, vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and other goodies. Definitely a useful food. 

I generally bake them in the skin, boil them, or add them to a recipe. I've been told that you can also cook them, mash them, and freeze them. I wonder if you can just cut them into cubes and stick in the freezer, like I do with most other veggies (?). Either way, you can make a multitude of things out of potatoes. Here are two of my favourite recipes.

  • First I get a big pan and heat up a few spices in some olive oil. As usual, I like to use cumin, coriander, and ground peppercorn. I also add garlic and onions as I please. I do this according to taste and whatever spices I like. 
  • Next, I add about 4 potatoes, 2 carrots, and other hard root veggie I feel like adding. They've been chopped into nice cubes and I cover them with just enough water to boil them. 
  • I like to add a bit of tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes are great if I have them on hand.
  • I let it simmer for a few minutes and reduce the heat to medium-low. (I'm sure you could also make this in a slow cooker by just throwing in, waiting and enjoying). 
  • I stir it occasionally as I wait for the potatoes to get soft and add more water, couscous, a meat-alternative, or softer veggies like corn, peas if I like.
  • This is hearty and yummy- a great winter recipe to make with a pal. I still haven't tried it with the sweet potatoes, but I wonder...
Photo by charlesdyer

I also had some frozen cauliflower lying around and don't really care for it, so I decided to make Aloo Gobi- Cauliflower and Potatoes- A form in which those veggies speak to me.

I generally improvise when I cook, so mine generally involves 
-sauteing of the spices I like in only a little oil (see above for spices, I'm predictable)
-adding chopped up potatoes, frozen cauliflower pieces, and diced tomatoes
-covering with enough water to cook
-and cooking till everything is soft.

Here's a step by step recipe- they abound online.

Yep- now it's time to eat. Tonight- maybe stew with apple crisp? *Sigh* I'm hungry now.

Do you have a favourite potato recipe? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear it. And- if you like what you read, don't forget to subscribe for more posts of recipes, goal-setting, and general health and happiness.


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