Eat More Vegetables! Sweet Potato Curry

In my alternate role as Grocery Girl, today I spotted some sweet potatoes priced pretty decently for this time of year. Since one of the goals I've put forward is to work on the nutrition for my vegetarian lifestyle, I figure I'd better try to get my 7-8 fruits and veggies everyday.

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Sweet potatoes are pretty great. They're yummy, they're orange, and they contain a good amount of antioxidants, beta-carotene and vitamin A. Definitely not too shabby. I generally cut em up and freeze them for later when there's a good deal. You can cook em like a regular potato, and, if they're frozen, you can still boil them, make fries, soup, or my favourite- make a curry.

The recipe come courtesy of my friend Heather and is highly modified since I don't measure, I prepare things spur of the moment, and like to use what I have on hand.
  • First I fry up some ginger and garlic, I also like to add cumin, coriander, and ground peppercorn. I do this according to taste and whatever spices I like. 
  • Next, I add 2-3 large sweet potatoes which have been chopped into cubes about an inch each way and I cover them with just enough water to boil them. 
  • I really like Heather's idea of adding 10-12 dates chopped in quarters and I generally go for it. They soften with the cooking and taste pretty good. She also recommends adding a can of chic peas and raisins marinated overnight in olive oil, chopped ginger root, ground cinnamon, 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar, and water. She also adds 1 tablespoon of Madras curry paste and some molasses.
  • Then I add chopped up spinach according to my tastes. And simmer the whole thing for about an hour, or until the potatoes are nice and soft.
  • While this is going, there's enough time to start on the other stuff and I'll make some rice or lentils.

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YUMMY! My favourite dish to make when company comes for dinner. Next, I think I'll try them in a stew.

Do you have a favourite sweet potato recipe? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear it.


  1. I love love love sweet potatoes! They are so yummy! Lately I've especially love them in soup. You chop & fry up some onion, celery and garlic. Add some cubed sweet potatoes, veggie broth, basil(about half a teaspoon), salt and a bay leaf. Cook it up until the potatoes are soft and then run everything though the food processor. It makes a creamy vegan soup. My family loves it!

  2. @Dee
    That sounds really, really delicious and great for cold days. I've got some sweet potatoes left over, I think I'll try this. Thanks for the recipe and the comment :)


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