Walking Montreal in the Fall

Photo by Andrea_44 on Flickr
While the weather is still clinging to its warm and beautiful nautre, I plan to take advantage of some of the lovely places there are to walk in Montreal. It's a little later in the season (or really early for the next autumn), but what follows is a list of some of the beautiful places I plan to head to while the leaves are still gorgeous colours on the trees.

  • Mount Royal. The mountain is full of trails that are good for a walk, jog, or bike ride. If you're so inclined, there are several cemeteries in this wonderful park. Mount Royal Cemetery is said to be particularly beautiful.

  • Parc Jean-Drapeau's Florariers Garden is a suggestion I found on this lovely list. It's accessible by the yellow line of the metro. The island not only has beautiful places to promenade, but offers a breathtaking view of the old port.
    This is extra cool if you take the next walk suggestion, you'll be able to look back on where. :)

  • The Lachine Canal trail begins in the west of the island and heads into the old port.  It's good for walking, biking, or roller-blading and passes through some interesting places along the way.  If you start at Atwater Market (just near Leonel Groulx Metro) it will take a couple of hours to walk to The Old Port, but the time is well spent.
    Photo by GStevens on Flickr

  • Angrignon Park is located right at Angrignon Metro at the southern end on the green line and is a nice daytime walk. It has play areas for kids and a good distance of trail to explore.  If you've got a while to wait for your bus to the south shore, it's also a great way to pass the time.

  • Quieter parts of the city.  I always find it's a nice treat to head away from the main streets of the city. A block or two will do it in a pinch, or you can check out area like Montreal West or Westmount for some leisurely walking away from the crowds. 
Wherever and whenever you go, walking is one activity that is both healthy and fun. These walks can be a nice romantic evening, a time to collect leaves for your scrapbook, or whatever your want them to be. Live healthy and creatively and enjoy.

Do you know of some great places for Autumn walks? I would love to hear them. Drop a comment and share your hints with us. 


  1. Great idea! See you in the woods somewhere, where you least expect it.

    The Stalker

  2. Hi "Anonymous". Glad you like the idea.

    Thanks for reminding us all that it's important to remember safety. Try to avoid walking in secluded or unlit areas by yourself. A friend not only makes it more fun, but more safe. ;-)

  3. And if approached by a suspicious person, bust out jazz hands and move in slowly towards them.


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