Try something new for 30 days!

Ever wanted to incorporate something new, or a lot of new things into your daily life?  Why not try some 30-day challenges?
Aztec Calendar, Photo by Maguis & David
I recently re-watched this TED video where Matt Cutts talks about his experiment and success.

The idea is simple, each month, pick something you would like to incorporate into your life and do it everyday for 30 days.

It might be journaling, cooking, biking, not smoking - anything you want. The deal is that while a month is a nice marker for us on the Gregorian Calendar, it also happens to be close to the amount of time supposedly needed to make or break a habit. Though the evidence is imprecise, while you're feeling good about the achievement, you can also feel good that it will likely be easier to incorporate into daily life.

photo by keremtitiz
There's nothing wrong with breaking a big one-time goal into a 30 day challenge. I think it's a great idea as long as you break it down well. Creating a SMART goal is a step in the right direction. Word to the wise- sustainable change is key if you actually want to keep the new behaviour in your life.

Off I go. Since it's mid-month, I'll start ahead. My first challenge- do a breathing meditation at least 5 minutes everyday. *Update. I'll be keeping track of my progress and strategies for these goals at the end of this and other posts.

Do you have a challenge for this month? Leave it in the comments; I'd love to hear about it. 


  1. For the next 30 days, I will come up with a 30day challenge each day :)

  2. @Gilles
    Wow, sounds like an exciting and challenging goal! Love to hear some of the challenges you come up with. Enjoy :)

  3. @Charlotte Joy Callender

    Challenge #1: Come up with a 30 day challenge everyday.


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