I want Candy! (Part 2)

A few days ago, I talked about some ways I use to convince myself not to buy that giant bag of candy. (See Part 1) 
Fruit Streamers 2 by Oskay
 If, however, you do buy that big bag, there's still hope. Here are some strategies that work for me to avoid The Horror!

You can eat it all, it's just ideal to spread it out over time.

    1. Take out a reasonable amount and put the rest in a place that's out of sight or difficult to get to. For example, you might put the excess candy in the cupboard that requires a step-ladder to reach, or behind all the vegetables in your fridge. If possible, you may even want to put it in the freezer. The goal is to slow down the access to the candy; if you want it, you have to have intent.
    2. I know people who leave out their candy and this seems to work for them. By keeping it accessible, it becomes less of a forbidden pleasure, just a thing that you can have if you want or not. That doesn't generally work for me, but it may for some. 
    3. Morrocan Dried Fruits and Nuts by Alex E. Proimos
    4. Slow down. When you crave candy, think about why. Are you genuinely hungry?Are you craving some sugar or fat? If you're hungry, have an actual meal first, you may find that you still want some candy after, but you're not likely to eat amounts that will make you sick. Same goes for cravings; try some raisins, dates, or nut. Make healthy alternatives readily available. Some studies also show that drinking water before eating can reduce caloric intake. Guzzle some H20 and, potentially, cut back on the sweets.
  1. Get rid of it.
    1. Actually taste what you're eating. I like to say "If you don't like the donut, don't eat it". In other words, if the food actually doesn't taste that good and isn't good for you, why eat it.
    2. Share. Plan to share it with friends, or if you find you can't ration it out, bring it to work and leave it in the lunch area. Someone will help you eat it.

Whether I succeed or not, the important thing is that I feel good about myself. Sometimes I indulge a little too much, but have to say that I won't do that next time and nobody's perfect.  I just try a little harder to apply my strategies. 

Do you have any strategies that work for you? I would love to hear them. Drop a comment and share your hints with us.


  1. Also, ask yourself what that food is doing to your insides before you eat it. Picturing clogged arteries might prove enough of a turn-off/scare that you grab a couple of veggies instead, or prepare a nice meal that both tastes good and has a positive after-effect (examples: high fibre = good digestion, protein = energy, salad = laughter, and so on).

  2. @Anonymous Good tip. I prefer the part where you remember that salad equals laughter (?), but it definitely helps to remember what is good for you and what isn't when choosing to eat candy vs stir-fry for dinner. :)


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