The Lovely Warrior

Lately, I've been reading a lot of  Wonder Woman from the 80s. A good friend of mine got me into it last year at a time where I was sick and tired of being sicked and tired. 

I had just finished school, moved out, started a great relationship, gone on a journey to my father's homeland and there I was, in my newest sublet, feeling a little like a failure. Sick and tired. 

Perfectionism aside, it can be difficult to feel like a million bucks when everything seems pretty awesome, but I'm not feeling too hot for some reason. Enter the question of the lovely warrior (ie. me as I can be).

One of my new favourite things to do is imagine myself as a superhero. Yeah, it's fun to think about my costume, moniker, or super powers, but I also ask myself a more practical question. What would I do to feel like a superhero? 

It changes depending on the day, but generally, it's a large personal goal. Perhaps, being on an archeological dig in Egypt (a childhood dream), becoming a fitness instructor, or setting up roof-top gardens in some of my favourite places.The goals may pass and fade, but there's one thing they have in common- they give me an idea of how I'd like to see myself- adventurous, strong, resourceful, exciting.

There's no reason why I can't take the baby-steps necessary to make these dreams reality, but even if a dream passes, I can still learn from it. I can still see what it represented and find a way to incorporate it into my life now. If now isn't the time to go on that archeological dig, I can still make the plans and save them for later. I can also take that curiosity over to the museum, or a book; I can take that sense of adventure to a rock-climbing wall or a new place in town. I can integrate the spirit of that lovely warrior into my daily life. 

Onward and upward!


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