I want Candy! (Part 1)

Candy Corns and Candy Pumpkins by Juushika Redgrave
With Halloween here, we all know what's around the corner- extremely cheap candy. If you're anything like me, you know this is not good. If it's candy on sale, I want to buy it. If it's there, I want to eat it. Bad thing generally ensue, unless of course they don't.

Here are a few strategies I like to use to avoid the horror.
Part 1-Don't buy so much candy! 

That's the step that brings temptation to one point in time and freezes it there. If you can avoid buying the candy in the first place, there's no need to think about it sitting in your cupboard. There's no need to try to eat it slowly.  This step is easier said than done, but still very doable. 
    1. First, don't go into a store where the only thing you want to buy is candy. If you walk by, battle over. 
    2. This time of year, copious amounts of candy are everywhere, so when you see sweets in the aisle, try to avoid picking them up, even if just to consider it. The longer I think about it, the more likely I know I am to buy it. Write a grocery list and stick to it, consider your wallet, imagine a jittery, sugar-induced insomnia, or how irritating it will be to carry around this massive bag. Think of whatever you can to convince yourself that this is a bad idea. 
    3. Unless you actually do have the self-control to make a large bag stretch, I recommend buying a smaller bag for a treat. If you absolutely, have to have candy, just buy the amount you would be comfortable eating now. It might be a little more per gram, but you will probably have saved money overall and not feel too bad.

Next up, Part 2. What to do if you buy that big bag.

Do you have any strategies that work for you? I would love to hear them. Drop a comment and share your hints with us.

The image is by NYC-MetroCard on Flickr-

 Candy doesn't have to be the scariest thing about Halloween. Enjoy my spooky little song. 


  1. I've followed this up with what to do if you buy that big bag of candy: http://charlottejoyliving.blogspot.com/2011/11/i-want-candy-part-2.html


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